Individual Therapy In Denver, CO

Find Your Shine

It's time for change.

You may feel like:

  • Living in constant stress is exhausting.
  • Worry has made it difficult to fall asleep, even though you are tired.
  • You have difficulty concentrating on work
  • You have trouble feeling present in relationships
  • You struggle to enjoy life experiences that were once important to you
  • You have low motivation
  • You feel trapped in your own body
  • You are held hostage by the thoughts in your mind
  • You may feel hopeless

You are not alone. I am here to help. Change is possible with the right therapist.

I am here for you.

There is this unrealistic expectation in society that we need to figure everything out on our own.

When it comes to mental health, it is sometimes impossible to meet this expectation.

Holding this burden on your own can even further propel you deeper into your own head.

Girl in sunflowers arms up

Individual therapy can help.

Expressing our thoughts out loud in therapy fires off neurons in the brain that helps make new connections that can create change in how you experience life.

I will ask targeted questions and provide an unbiased perspective that allows you to better understand your experiences.

Voicing your thoughts will pull you outside your head so you no longer feel stuck.

There is a path to healing.

My goal is always to get you to a place where you feel better. Through using my knowledge and skills learned through education and trainings along with my years of experience in the field, I am confident we can do it together.  

Through therapy you will:

  • Learn coping skills to manage stress levels
  • Increase awareness of emotions
  • Improve understanding of experiences
  • Find inner peace
girl with hand on cheek smiling

You may feel hopeless, but there is a path to healing.

I can help you find confidence in yourself and joy in your life again.

If you have tried it on your own and need support, I am here to help.

Reach out below for a free 15 minute consultation and let’s get started.



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Shayna Whisnant

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Phone: (720) 239-2609

50 S Steele St, Suite 950, Denver CO 80209