Online Therapy in Denver, CO

Counseling from the comfort of your home

You are feeling completely burnt out.

Managing stressors in life has become too much. It feels difficult to complete daily task's and responsibility.

You feel overwhelmed and have trouble sleeping. It feels impossible to find motivation.

You don't see a way to calm down and feel better. You are unsure of what to try next.

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You are not alone. In fact, you have the ability to change the way you feel. It just takes the right guide.

I am here for you.

It is tough to figure thing's out on your own. It feels like your thoughts are stuck and you are going around in circles inside your own head.

This cycle can start to make you feel worse as you become more stuck inside your own head. Lost, you begin to feel hopeless that it can get better.

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Online Therapy Can Help

Through COVID, therapy adapted to ensure people had support. From the comfort of your own home, you can have the support you need in therapy.

It can feel difficult making time for the drive to and from an office for a therapy session. Online Counseling is convenient and just as effective, as current research has shown.

Therapy will help you gain an understanding of your thoughts and emotions.

By getting out of your head and voicing your experience, you will begin to feel better.

There is a path to healing.

My goal is always to get you to a place where you feel better. Through using my knowledge and skills learned through education and trainings along with my years of experience in the field, I am confident we can do it together.  

Through therapy you will:

  • Learn coping skills to manage stress levels
  • Increase awareness of emotions
  • Improve understanding of experiences
  • Find inner peace
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You may feel hopeless, but there is a path to healing.

I can help you find confidence in yourself and joy in your life again.

If you have tried it on your own and need support, I am here to help.

Reach out below for a free 15 minute consultation and let’s get started.



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Shayna Whisnant

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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